About Me

I am a former United States Marine. I am a father, a husband, a Southerner, and a Republican.  I have a certification in 3D animation from the School of Communication Arts.  I also attended the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, majoring in History and Political Science.  I have a passion for many things such as art, sports, and food. I believe the oceans are one of life’s most tranquil places to rejuvenate one’s self of purpose, drive, and dreams.  I love sports, video games, comedies, and a good buddy dog.  In this blog you may find many things optimism, pessimism, humor, satire, commentary, object lessons, and well everything I care to share that’s not on my youtube page.  This blog is simply titled Eastofeton. It’s just a reference to the street I grew up on and where I’ve landed since.  Also, please do comment on my blogs, especially if you liked or hated them. Just want to know if the content is appealing.

Semper Fi!


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